Brand Story

About us

'El Labore' comes to you after years of thoughtful research and intricate design to nurture your whole health, beginning at its core. Our philosophy is rooted in the revitalizing energy of natural minerals and essential nourishment of the body’s chemistry. We rely on all-natural ingredients that work in harmony with the body, rather than harsh, foreign chemicals. And everything we make is 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Minexin™ is a pure mineral ingredient made by experts in medicine and life sciences, which promotes inflammation reduction and blood circulation improvement in the body that provides an optimal anti-aging solution.

We promise that our products are free of added hormones, parabens, chemicals, and GMOs.

Our ingredients promote the 'Synergy Effect,' a therapeutic composition containing a lactic acid bacteria complex as an active ingredient for moisturizing the skin, strengthening the skin barrier, improving elasticity, and relieving itching.